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  • Mr. Cooper,
    I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for the insulation job you did in my home. In a day in this Country that businesses don’t always live up to their word or the product they sell doesn’t live up to the hype, You and Middle Tennessee Foam DOES.

    From the initial contact with you, and all the claims you made, though impressive, I had doubts. When you showed up with your crew and started to work, I was impressed. The entire first day you spent prepping and caulking EVERY seem. Around every window, door, baseboards and Double 2×4’s. It was all impressive and I could see and understand how that would help keep air from coming in or going out.
    Then the foam. Wow, above and beyond what I expected. Every exterior wall covered with foam. I knew it had to worth the money I was spending. I remember all my friends and family commenting on it and wishing they could put it in their home.

    Now I’ve been living in the home 2 years. I am very pleased with my Electric bill. I’m not sure you remember my square footage so as a reference, One Level 3000 Square feet. My neighbors with smaller and some quite a bit smaller homes have during the cold last two winters have had electric bills over 400.00. My highest has been 238.00 and I am now on budget bill where the electric company will average it out so I can pay the same amount every month. My budget bill on a 3000SF house is 140.00 a month. It will pay for itself in no time. One of the best decisions I made building my house.
    Thank you for all you have done, and I would be happy to share this with anyone you are dealing with. I will even show my electric bills if you request.

    Thank you
    David Frazier
  • Dear Mr. Cooper,

    Thank you Mid Tenn Foam Installation. I made a wise investment in installing foam in my residence two years ago. Your salesmanship was consistent with the information I had previously received from the TVA Energy Auditors. There was nothing they counseled that you hadn’t considered.
    In terms of cost effectiveness, your product has exceeded my expectations. My energy usage is running at approximately 50% less than prior to the foam installation. Your product has made light work of one of the largest expenses in my home.
    Thanks to you and your company I am living comfortably. Regardless of the season or its extremes, temperature readings are consistent and balanced throughout both levels of my dwelling. Whether up in the middle of the night or walking bare-footed across the floors, I feel comfortable.
    I hope this short testimony helps you and your employees continue to serve our community with an excellent product and service.

    Further, you may use me as a reference in serving others.

    James Monroe Stewart

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